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Ty's Tune of the Time

Will update whenever I feel like it, so it's tune of the time and not day, week, whatever.

The bee princess is easily the best one, I'll accept no further arguments at this time.

"Say princess, what's a thorax?"

"...Excuse me?"

"On a bug. Is the thorax the butt?"

"Can we keep this kidnapping on a professional level please?"

"Yeesh. Sorry I asked."


Oct 22, 2017
11:29 am
Oct 20, 2017
6:58 pm
Oct 16, 2017
1:50 pm
Oct 11, 2017
6:17 pm
Oct 11, 2017
4:46 pm

I dont really use my journal for much, so ive decided to use my limited cone of influence to advertise this journal.

Small Emergency, Help Needed If You Can?So uh, I'm moving out in a few months and I'm already just saving for that because I have meal plans and deposits to save for, but um, my car failed on me the other day. I've had problems with it for a while, but my motor finally gave out. Now um, my mom and I aren't exactly in the best situation. I live with her and my brother at the moment, and she doesn't make more than to get us by, and now I'm going to have a harder time getting to work to actually make money. I'm picking up shifts and working where I can, but one of my jobs usually doesn't get off until 12:30am, and my mom has to be up by 4am to get herself to work, and I can't deprive her of that much sleep just to come get me.
That being said, I'm trying really hard to raise money. I need probably around $2000 to get a decent car, and another $1700 for everything I have to pay for in August. The car is more of the urgent issue at this given moment, but I'm nervous to pay for all of it. I'm attempting to sell my car for salvage

:iconpuddli: needs money because being an adult sucks major taint, and is willing to offer artistic services such as adopts and commissions in exchange.  So uh, go to her if you happen to need a cutesy art monkey for art labor purposes.

Or just share the journal with people you know that require the services of an art monkey, that works too.

Ty out.


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Ty the Guy
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Welcome to my cozy little slice of deviantART. Grab a seat and stay awhile.



Skaip: techsquirrel547

Tweet Tweet: @ChexSenpai

In summary, I'm a 20 year old weeaboo acne farm who likes to draw shit


Hey so hypothetical question, totally unrelated to anything I got goin on right now, but if you had to name a hoity toity cat anthro who thinks she is better than everyone and is essentially very grumpy, what would you name her?
Drawing feet is lame. Use little cutesy points instead.
Hey I'm in an art stream right now watching :iconputridpiranha: draw things and talking.  She's pretty good for a fool.
Be a MAN Hogan by TyrannosaurusChexmix  
I drew some digimon as ladies, it was pretty good practice.  We have fun here.

I'm pretty cool 

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I guess you heard it here first, folks...
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suck my peepee, Ty
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u look like a smelly cheese doll
go grate yourself and get outta here
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you're muffet box if fuckin gay, Ty
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TyrannosaurusChexmix Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's something.
TyrannosaurusChexmix Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
At least I have a job I guess.
TyrannosaurusChexmix Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I drink too much soda and have no plans for my future haha.
TyrannosaurusChexmix Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Only I was being entirely serious.
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